Timothy Grace - Piano
Timothy Grace’s aptitude and passion for the
piano were recognized at an early age.  As a
young teenager he studied at Berklee College of
Music in Boston under such greats as Walter
Beasley and Tito Puente.  He pursued his higher
education at the college as a jazz piano major
under the tutelage of Tiger Okoshi and other
luminaries of the field.  After college Mr. Grace
began touring the Northeast, producing cabaret
shows with Tony Award-winning musicians.  After
a move to Brooklyn he began touring with the cult
indie rock band Valeze, and was frequently billed
with Semi-Precious Weapons and the emerging
talent Lady Gaga.  Even after such an illustrious
career, Timothy has never been more honored to
play alongside someone as he is the Fabulous
Mr. Shreve and his Sideshow. Timothy not only
plays keyboard for the band, but is their resident
arranger and maestro.