Randall Shreve
Front man Randall Shreve is a multi-talented
artist who has worn many hats: singer,
songwriter, musician, and producer (not to
mention the ubiquitous fedora!); but first and
foremost, he is the quintessential entertainer.  
His live shows are charged with electricity, and he
possesses that rare charisma that takes over
rooms.  Before finding his voice, Randall played
drums for several Grammy award-winning bands,
produced and played on over fifty recordings,
toured extensively in the U.S., Canada and
Europe, and even took a role in a movie starring
Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom.  But in 2006
he found his true calling.  He released his solo
debut, “the Cure for Yesterday,” and the world
was introduced to a very powerful singer and
songwriter.  Randall immediately began work on
his sophomore project which would showcase his
darker side as well as an increasing depth and
honesty in his songwriting.  In 2008, at Legacy
Studios in New York, Shreve recorded “the
Entertainer,” which dives back into the Vaudeville
era and captures the glamour, grit, and ambition
of early Hollywood.  Soon after, he began to
assemble his band, The Sideshow. In 2011 he
completed his first full band recording, “The
Jester,” which continues the vaudeville tradition.  
However, where “The Entertainer” was brandy
and wine, “The Jester” is whiskey and gin. The
Entertainer throws off his sweet and charming
persona to reveal his alter ego, the sinister
Jester.   The songwriting chops of Randall
Shreve melded with the smelting rock and roll of
the Sideshow gives this new project a gritty
power that is sure to make it Randall’s best yet.