Upcoming Shows

15 - Sock Party CD Release
17 - 1/2 off night
18 - Emily Cole
19 - Cool Shoes (inside stage)
     Rollo Tomasi
     Bling Grenades
     Stereofidelics  (outside stage)
20 - John Henry & The Earthshakers
22 - Nick's Birthday Bash
     Featuring VORE andBury Your             
24 - The Body Rampart
25 - Backroad Anthem
26 - 1 Oz. Jig (10:00 show)
     Jimmy Dasher (6:30 show)
27 - Randall Shreve & The Sideshow
    David Bowie Tribute
29 - Hellbeast
     Left Holding The Gun
     Hot Lix (80's glam tribute)
Welcome to RogueOnDickson.com.  We hope this site will
make it very easy for you to find out everything you need
to know about the nightly goings on at Rogue, one of
Arkansas' premier music venues.  Please feel free to contact
our administrator if you have any suggestions on how to
make the site more useful for you.  While you're here, make
sure to check our calendar.  This is another great month for
music at Rogue.   

We will be hosting several of the best parties on Dickson this
Halloween week.  

Oct. 26 - 1 Oz. Jig will be throwing a Halloween party this
Friday before Halloween.  Guaranteed great time!

Oct. 27 - Randall Shreve & The Sideshow will be performing at
9:30.  After that show, they will be playing a
David Bowie
tribute show on the same stage.

Oct. 31 - And for those of you who don't need a weekend to
celebrate properly, come out to see
Hot Lix, an 80's hair metal
explosion, on Halloween.
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